BetterHire’s Process

Our Process Is Broken Down Into Five Basic Steps:

  1. Contact
  2. Definition of Goals
  3. Search and Match
  4. Negotiate and Deliver
  5. Evaluate

Contact: First thing’s first – we meet with the potential employer or employee and get to know them. We’re all about first-name basis here, and we think that’s how trustworthy business relationships start.

Definition of Goals: Next, we have an in-depth discussion where we define the goals of our partnership. We make sure to outline the most important aspects of a potential employee or employer and get the details straight – holding each party accountable to their goals.

Search and Match: Here’s where our hub-and-spoke operating structure enables us to leverage our network of observers who cover multiple business categories. Using our three main tools: a proprietary database, a multi-channel network and detailed Talent Profiles, we search profiles, conduct in-depth screenings and validate track records of all parties involved, while ensuring timely updates of each step in the process.

Negotiate and Deliver: Our commitment to finding the right person on either end of the process is most evident in this step. We verify skills, compare price points, and identify and alert our clients to industry trends, which then allows us to facilitate mutually beneficial agreements with both parties. The only thing left is to seal the deal.

Evaluate: After the agreement is solidified, we make sure to circle back with clients to review the process and its benefits or issues. This way, we stay self-aware and continually improve our services.